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Monday, May 28, 2018
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The Fox and the Stork

Two friends, the Fox and the Stork decided to make friends with each other.

The Fox, who was a bit of a prankster, invited the Stork first to dinner. That evening he made nothing but soup. Pouring it into two shallow bowls he placed them on the table, one before the stork. “Here is some delicious soup made specially for you,” he said, “I hope you enjoy it.”

The Fox could now easily lap up the soup but his poor guest could only wet the end of her long bill! The Stork finally came away at the end of the visit as hungry as when she started it.

“I am so sorry. You did not like the soup I made, did you?” the Fox asked trying hard not to laugh.

“Please do not be sorry, my friend,” replied the Stork. “I am grateful for your invitation. I would now like to invite you to my house.”

So an evening was arranged when the Fox could visit the Stork for dinner. However on the appointed day, the Fox found himself at the Stork’s table with a long-necked jar before him.

All that the Stork had prepared was in that jar. And all that the Fox could do was lick the outside of the jar with his short snout!


Do unto other as you would have other do unto you!

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