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Be Not Afraid!

I heard from a friend that the quote,"Be not afraid" was mentioned 365 times in the bible, one for each day of the year. Now I trust this but I was wondering if you could give me some places in the bible where it is. Thanx!

Actually, it’s not exactly listed 365 times. That sounds like someone who got their hands on a good devotional Bible or “daily meditations” book that shared that little tidbit with you. While some Bibles might have the phrase be not afraid exactly that many times, it’s often because of the translation of the Bible that someone is referring to, not because it is in the original Hebrew or Greek texts. It’s a cool idea, though.

To be honest, how many times it says it is not nearly important (as you keyed into with your question) as the “why” it says it, and the need for it to be read. It’s an interesting fact that the command repeated most often throughout the Scriptures is “be not afraid” or (its close grammatical relative) “do not fear”. The command not to fear (given to us by God) is repeated even more times throughout the 73 books, than the command to love. That should tell you something about how badly God wants us to live in Him and not in fear.

People love to write about fear, and they have throughout antiquity. David summed it up pretty well, though, I think:

"The Lord is my shepherd, whom shall I fear?" - Psalm 23:1

There are great places throughout the Bible that speak of courage and the need to trust in God in the face of fear. Here are some places (in the NAB Bible) that you can read and pray through, for yourself, what God is trying to teach you and me about the “f” word (that’s fear…not the other one):

Some of the Fear verses in Scripture:

MT 1:20
MT 10:26, 28, 31
MT 14:27
MT 17:7
MT 28:5, 10
MK 5:36
MK 6:50
LK 1:13, 30
LK 2:10
LK 5:10
LK 8:50
LK 12:4-5, 7, 32
JN 6:20
JN 12:15
JN 14:27

New Testament
ACTS 9:31
ACTS 18:9
ACTS 27:24
2COR 7:1
HEB 13:6
1PT 2:17
1PT 3:6,14
1JN 4:18
RV 1:17
RV 2:10

Old Testament
DEUT 1:21
DEUT 31:8
JOSH 1:9
JOSH 10:8
JOSH 11:6
JUDG 6:23
1SAM 12:20
1CHRON 22:13
2CHRON 20:15, 17
1MACC 2:62
PS 3:7
PS 46:3
PS 49:17
PS 53:6
PS 56:5, 12
PROV 3:25
ISA 7:4
ISA 10:24
JER 42:11
JER 44:10
BARUCH 6:14, 22, 28, 64, 68
HOSEA 10:3
HAG 2:5
ZECH 8:13, 15
MAL 3:5

Remember – there is no need to fear. God is in control.

I hope these help you on your journey.

Be God’s.

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