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Monday, May 28, 2018
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Bible Trivia Quiz: Leader Guidelines


Generate interest in Bible reading and study.

Group Ages:

13 – 25 years

Activity Level:


Competition Level:




Equipment Needed:

  1. 1 Activity Sheet per participant
  2. 1 pencil
  3. Optional clipboard as a backing for the activity sheets.

Pre-Activity Set-Up:



  1. Divide the youth into groups.
  2. Distribute the ‘Bible Trivia Quiz’ Activity Sheet and a pencil to each participant.
  3. Assign 20 minutes for the Activity.

The youth may struggle with some of the answers. Work out the questions that haven’t been answered by doing the quiz with all groups collectively. Some groups might have answers to questions others did not decipher. Encourage the groups to share and try to complete the quiz before you give them the answers.

Click here for the Activity Sheet
Click here for the Solution Sheet

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